About Us

DrugTestingSupplies.com is a nationwide leader in supply chain management and sales of drug testing supplies and services. Our young and talented team leverages relationships built over the past 5 years in the drug testing industry to bring a quality product line backed by attentive customer service to businesses and individuals across the U.S.

Superior Customer Service

we recognize that we are not the only drug testing supply company capable of fulfilling supply needs. We do, however, take our customer experience very seriously – we are here to answer any questions regarding our product line and services to new and existing customers around the clock. We take the time to follow up with customers after their orders are received to ensure satisfaction and strive to earn and retain lifetime customers.

Valuable Supply Chain

years of hard work and personal networking within the drug testing industry has afforded our team the opportunity to reap the rewards of favorable relationships that ultimately provide an overall cost savings to our end users. We price our products fair and competitively and offer free shipping on most orders. In addition to our stellar pricing we also take pride in our inventory consistency, wide range of configurations for multiple applications, and same day shipping services.

Additional and Exclusive Services

While DrugTestingSupplies.com offers physical products for drug testing supply needs, we are proudly partnered with DrugTestingCourses.com – an industry leader in the training, certification, and compliance of drug testing applications for the workplace and entrepreneurs starting their own drug testing business. Being able to offer this wide range of products and services is what separates DrugTestingSupplies.com from it’s competition.

Who We Are

William Bierlein

William Bierlein

Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is William Bierlein. I grew up in Melbourne, Florida and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Central Florida in 2015. After working in the medical sales industry for a few years, I decided to pursue my passion of being an entrepreneur which lead me to start DTC Medical Supplies, Inc. which operates as DrugTestingSupplies.com, in 2017.

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