At Home Drug Testing Supplies

It is not uncommon to keep drug testing supplies at home. There are a multitude of reasons as to why, but the affordability, reliable results, and ease of use for most at home drug testing supplies allows certain families and individuals to keep a supply on hand for their respective reasons.

Benefits of At Home Drug Testing Supplies:

  • FDA regulated product, reliable results
  • Common, everyday use in professional settings
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Administer and Store Discreetly

Regulation and Common Use

Did you know the drug testing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry? There are thousands upon thousands of drug screens performed each and everyday. At home drug testing supplies are a tried-and-true screening method when testing for potential drug abuse. They are the same type of drug tests used to perform pre-employment screenings, random drug screens for large corporations, and admissions/discharge testing for addiction/rehab centers. Commonly referred to as onsite rapid drug screening kits, at home drug testing supplies are FDA approved, and certain models are even CLIA waived (meaning they adhere to clinical testing guidelines). At home drug testing supplies are not a new screening mechanism – individuals who are looking to keep a supply on hand in their homes can be rest assured that they will be receiving reliable results.

Ease of Use

Not only do at home drug testing supplies provide reliable results, they are also extremely affordable and very easy to use. Administering these tests is a simple 2-3 step process depending on the type of test you’re using – simply provide the sample and wait for the results. Results are visible on the test itself and only take 5 minutes to appear – there are testing strips visible from the outside of the collection chamber that provide individual results for each drug being tested. One line indicates a positive results, two lines indicates a negative. You can test for anywhere between 1 to 14 drugs at a time and there are urine and saliva options available as well, each having their own advantages depending on the specific need.

Affordable and Easy to Store

At home drug testing supplies are a simple device – they usually cost under $10 per test and many suppliers offer a discount when you purchase in bulk. This is opposed to classic laboratory testing which usually costs anywhere between $30-$50 per test and results are not available for about 48 hours. These home testing supplies can fit in the palm of your hand and are very easy to store discreetly. Since they are FDA regulated, they do have expiration dates, but these usually extend 18-22 months from the time of purchase.

Common At Home Uses

Parents of young teenagers and adolescents are starting to keep drug testing supplies in their homes to build a trust based relationship and gain a peace of mind knowing what their children may or may not be participating in outside of their supervision. The importance of communication when confronting social situations that may involve drug use gives parents the opportunity to discuss the potential implications of forming bad habits early in life. Suspicions can only go so far, having a drug testing kit on hand will allow parents to confirm the abuse of drugs and address the situation accordingly. Saliva drug tests are a popular choice for these types of scenarios – saliva tests allow parents to watch their children provide the sample on the spot. No stage fright or tampering of samples in the bathroom.

This goes the same for living with or caring for an individual with prior drug abuse issues. Having a testing supply on hand can help keep these individuals honest about their sobriety. It will also allow the appropriate course of action to take place should there be any indication of drug abuse.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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