Rapid COVID-19 Supplies

Rapid COVID Testing for Business Owners

Amidst the pandemic, thousands of businesses closed permanently. The situation improved, but operating your business requires health and safety protocols. One of these is ensuring that every staff member is free from illnesses.

To accomplish this, rapid COVID testing is a must. It’s easier to buy COVID rapid test kit from various online sources nowadays. You need only check the rapid COVID test for sale listings with search engines.

Read on as we discuss COVID rapid test kit in more detail.

Types of Rapid COVID Testing

Rapid COVID test kits fall into two primary categories:

Diagnostic Tests

These kits determine whether your body is suffering from an active infection. Lots of rapid antigen tests are available alongside precise molecular tests. The latter uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Antibody Tests

These testing kits are for determining whether your body had a prior infection. An antibody test isn’t as urgent as a diagnostic test. You can either go for a rapid test or the conventional serology tests in a laboratory..

How a COVID Rapid Test Kit Works

It’s a diagnostic test measuring viral antigens. These are substances instructing your body to form an immune response to the infection.
Take note, antigens aren’t the same as antibodies. The latter appears after the former makes the signal. Depending on the setting, trained individuals can do an antigen test.
The PCR test is another type of diagnostic test for COVID. It helps detect viral genetic material molecules in the body. It’s an intensive test accredited laboratories perform.
Molecular tests are the standard for diagnosing COVID. However, these tests can take several days. On the other hand, non-PCR molecular tests detect coronavirus RNA more rapidly.

One test involves using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). It’s a rapid test often used in hospitals and nursing homes. However, LAMP-based COVID tests are available for home use because of FDA’s emergency use authorization(EUA).
Rapid antigen, molecular, and antibody tests are point-of-care tests. They’re similar to at-home drug test kits, making them convenient for business owners. They return results within 15 minutes after getting a sample.

Rapid COVID Rapid Test Accuracy

Compared to antigen tests, molecular or PCR tests are more reliable. PCR tests can detect a single coronavirus RNA molecule in a sample. On the other hand, rapid antigen tests need thousands of molecules before resulting in a positive. Rapid molecular tests enjoy similar COVID test accuracy levels. It usually means you’re not infected if the test results are negative. However, the sensitivity depends on the specific kit you’re using.

Rapid antigen tests are at their best during the early stages of COVID. The viral concentration is at its highest in your throat and nasal passages. At this point, you’re unlikely to experience the symptoms, but you remain contagious. Repeated antigen tests help since the viral concentration levels can get higher after a few hours. It will result in a positive even after one or more negative results from earlier tests. A rapid COVID antigen test five days after developing symptoms isn’t advisable. You might not have enough detectable antigens at that point. It will likely result in false-negative results.

Rapid COVID Test Availability and Status

The government shipped millions of testing kits to various facilities like nursing homes and schools. They’re available at point-of-care locations like pharmacies. Always ask your local public health authority for testing kit availability.

Most rapid tests use swabs for mucus collection. However, newer testing kits use saliva instead. The caveat is that it’s unclear whether the latter is as reliable as the former.

Lots of private and commercial laboratories develop and distribute new tests and treatments for COVID. They will continue to collect data to increase the accuracy and efficacy of these treatments.

Keep in mind, no COVID tests got official FDA approval. However, testing kits are available through their EUA. It means some tests aren’t as accurate because they skipped the FDA’s strict standards.

Regardless, PCR and molecular tests offer high accuracy levels. It’s a bright future for businesses since they can open without worrying about infected employees.

How to Buy Rapid Covid Test: What to Look For

As mentioned before, lots of rapid test kits are available in the market. As a small business owner, you might feel overwhelmed by your choices. Here are some factors to help guide you:


Always opt for tests that offer results within a few minutes. Waiting for a few hours or days can result in unnecessary downtime for your business. Never get tests that claim to be “rapid” but require lab processing times.

It’s best to look for tests that deliver within 15 minutes. The faster your employees get test results, the more efficient you become. Your business won’t suffer from delays and lose profit.


Convenient and accessible testing is the best for your business. Avoid tests requiring special tools and locations. Get ones that employees can do at home or outside conventional healthcare locations.

If at-home testing kits aren’t possible, ensure that it’s as accessible as possible for every employee. Drive-thru clinics, schools, and other community areas are good alternatives.


Nasal swabs requiring deep swabbing are uncomfortable. These nasopharyngeal swabs require healthcare worker assistance. Opt-out of these and search for something your employees can do on their own.

Digital Verification

Look for test kits with added verification security and convenience. Those offering digital passes are the best. It allows your employees to display their negative results with a few taps on their phones.

Track Record

Look for brands with impeccable track records. Your best bet is to look for online reviews after searching a few brands. If the consensus is positive, it’s a good indicator of good quality.

Rapid COVID Test for Sale!

These are some considerations for rapid COVID testing. If you want your business to thrive, buy rapid COVID test kits for your employees. Are you looking for a reputable company for COVID rapid test kit sales? Use our contact form and talk to us.