Adulteration Test Strips (25 Testing Strips)

Model Drugs Tested
ADU-6T /

ADU-6T are drug adulteration test strips used to determine if the urine sample has been intentionally manipulated, contaminated or diluted in order to pass a drug screen.

This kit comes with (25) 6-in-1 testing strips that screens urine specimens for the top 6 adulterants used to fool drug screens: Bleach, Creatine, Glutaraldehyde, Nitrie, pH Level, Specific Gravity

  • Detect dilution or “flushing” of the system
  • Protect against false negatives
  • Protect against sample altering
  • Detects oxidizing/bleaching agents

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For more information on Adulteration kits and to see what the strips test for specifically, see our blog post.

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