EasyCal Phoenix 6.0BT GK Kit

Model Drugs Tested

The EASYCAL® improves productivity and compliance in the field, clinic or office. Required monthly or event based calibration checks are performed properly and promptly every time. Simplified operations mean fewer chances for error, less risk of compliance issues and higher client and employee satisfaction.

As per Lifeloc Technologies’ Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) and referenced in section 40.233 of 49CFR Part 40; only individuals trained and qualified as calibration technicians may perform the required calibrations. A Lifeloc Operator and Calibration Technician Certification (C-LOCT) is required to perform calibration, regardless of the method, on a Lifeloc Evidential Breath Tester (EBT). This C-LOCT is specific to the method of calibration.

    Kit Includes:

  • EasyCal Calibration Station
  • Phoenix 6.0BT Breath Alcohol Tester
  • Bluetooth Printer
  • Dry Gas Canister – .040 Std
  • Accessories