FC5 Hornet/FC10/FC10Plus Extended Service Plan – 4 Years

Model Drugs Tested

5 Full Years of Coverage! Initial year plus 4 extended years. Bonus: $50 credit for FC5, FC10 and FC10Plus towards the purchase of a new unit once your 5 yrs is up. Available for purchase within 30 days of initial equipment sale only. Non-Transferable. If credit is not used towards new equipment upon expiration of the warranty, the credit is void.

Our Extended Service Plans extend the first year warranty coverage on parts and labor with free return shipping PLUS go much further to certify your unit is operating correctly and at peak performance. All Lifeloc Extended Service Plans (ESP) also include:

  • Full coverage on Units, Printers, Keyboards and Cables
  • An annual factory diagnostic check on all critical system components to pro-actively identify, repair or replace before becoming a problem
  • A visual inspection and replacement of cracked, scratched, or damaged unit cases, keypads, screens and other components
  • Full Calibration across 3 Temperature Points
  • Applicable Software Updates
  • No charge for parts and labor
  • Free return shipping
  • Service complete in 5 working days


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