Flakka (aPVP) Drug Test – (aPVP-101)

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What is Flakka (aPVP)?

alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone (aPVP), commonly known as Flakka – is a synthetic stimulant that can cause hyper-stimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations, among other adverse effects. Since 2013, Flakka has been a major contributor to the cause of death and suicide via combinations of multiple other drug of abuse.

Flakka Instant Urine Screening Drug Test

The above drug test screens solely for Flakka (aPVP). The cutoff level for this strip is . Listed below are cutoff levels associated with the potential abuse(s) of this drug:

Recreational Use: 10-15 ng/mL

Mid to Heavy Intoxication: >100ng/mL

Overdose: >300ng/mL

Instructions for Use

Performing this drug test is a simple two step process – simply dip the strip into the collected urine sample for 10 seconds, remove and place on hard, dry surface. Results are easy to read – two lines appear for negative results, one line (top “C” line only) will appear for positive results.

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