LifeGuard Permanent Mouthpiece

Model Drugs Tested

Self-testing has never been easier. The permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece conveniently folds into the LifeGuard when not in use. The unique fold-away mouthpiece is intended for self-testing or repeated testing of the same subject. When not in use it folds away out of sight and harms way until you need it. Unfold and you’re ready to blow.

The Permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece is designed to remain attached to the Lifeguard under normal use, however it can be removed for cleaning. Do not discard the permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece. It is an integral part of the Lifeguard and is used for both personal testing and in the testing of others. If the fold-away mouthpiece becomes contaminated with food, dirt or other foreign matter it should be cleaned to prevent contamination of the internal breath path and fuel cell. Do not immerse the Lifeguard unit in water. To clean the permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece gently pull the mouthpiece up and away from the unit, as shown in the instructions. Do not force the mouthpiece or bend the mouthpiece over the edge of the Lifeguard to remove.

Clean with warm water and dish detergent as you would with eating utensils. Allow to thoroughly dry and re-attach to the Lifeguard. If the mouthpiece becomes damaged or lost, additional permanent (fold-away) mouthpieces can be ordered from or your dealer.


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