Rapid Dissolve Blue Dye Tablets

Rapid Dissolve Blue Dye Tabs, or Bluing Dye Tablets, are a simple, easy to use product with multiple applications. Bluing Dye Tablets are primarily used in the drug testing industry as a preventative security measure to negate specimen donors from fooling an instant drug test and creating a false negative test result. Tabs are to be placed in the collection toilet and will dissolve instantly once it comes in contact with the water – this allows the water to be dyed blue and will easily identify any donor who tries to flood a test with water.

For drug testing specimen collectors it is a constant battle dealing with false negative readings on instant urine drug tests. It can be quite difficult to identify a false negative test, especially when the donor is providing his or her sample behind closed doors. This is why it is important to add extra security measures to your collection process. In addition to utilizing blue dye tablets, it is also a good idea to consider using a urine test that includes adulteration testing strips. These strips add another layer of security to the collection process by detecting other substances that may cause a false negative reading such as creatine, fake urine, etc.

Blue dye tabs can be utilized in other industries as well. They are a great tool for leak detection and in turn will help identify problem areas in plumbing systems to quickly fix any major or slow leaks that are causing water to be wasted and costs to increase. Common uses to identify leaks using blue dye tabs are in places like pool systems, residential and commercial plumbing systems, or at home to detect a slow toilet leak. Users may use a bluing dye tablet to pinpoint where a pipe or plumbing system is leaking. By dying the water blue, users will be able to easily identify the location of a leak and resolve the issue accordingly.

Rapid Dissolve Blue Dye Tablets provided by DTC Medical Supplies are manufactured locally in the USA. Contact us directly for inquiries regarding white labeling and distributor pricing.

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