Urgent Care Chains: Top 10 Benefits Of Offering Drug Testing Services

Today, almost everyone needs a drug test. In fact, according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 10 Americans use illicit drugs. Therefore, it makes sense for urgent care chains to offer drug testing services. This way, many people will get their blood, urine, or saliva testing at an affordable price and faster.

Urgent care chains are famous for being the first place patients turn for quick medical help. Many think urgent care chains only offer treatment for mild health conditions like broken bones, STDs, food poisoning, etc. However, urgent care chains can contribute much more to society. With so many people visiting urgent care chains, it is a perfect place to offer drug testing services. Unfortunately, many urgent care chains don't provide drug testing services. Therefore, they are missing out on a lot of benefits.

In this post, we will discuss ten benefits that urgent care chains will enjoy when they start offering drug test services.

It Helps Enhance The Visibility Of Urgent Care Center

Today, urgent care chains play a significant role in the healthcare system. When a person is experiencing a life-threatening situation, they visit an emergency room. If a person is trying to maintain a healthy routine, they usually go to their preferred healthcare facility. Urgent care chains suit somewhere between these two, fulfilling the need for unscheduled medical appointments. Since urgent care chains are on the rise, many Americans are seeing the actual value of using them. Still, when more individuals recognize the availability of urgent care chains, most people will be able to take care of their medical needs.

To enhance public knowledge and advertise their health services, many urgent care centers give discounts for drug testing to local employers. The local companies get a significant discount, and the employees become aware of the medical resources offered at the center. Many employers recognize the value of having medical practitioners interpret and administer a drug test. In fact, a study shows drug test process and results can be poorly conducted or misinterpreted by those who don't have a clear understanding of the system related to a particular test. However, possessing only a medical license doesn't qualify a person to do drug tests. Actually, the United States Department of Transportation requires an individual to undergo Dot Urine Specimen Collector training to be allowed to perform drug tests. Therefore, providing drug test services will make more people know about your facility and the kind of services you provide.

It Helps Promote A Drug-Free And Productive Society

One of the benefits of urgent care centers offering drug tests is that it helps promote productivity and a drug-free society. Urgent care facilities can play a significant role in ensuring drug abuse is at its lowest. Drug testing is an essential service to ensure the safety and well-being of people in society. Although many people might not consider urgent care chains as testing centers, some provide testing services like saliva drug tests and urine drug tests. This makes urgent care chains prime location to ensure drug test is readily available to the public.

Many people may not be comfortable going to a drug test lab or hospital and waiting around for results. That's why they prefer going to urgent care chains where they process the results quickly and efficiently. Generally, these centers are in strategic locations in the community and are easily accessible. So, the public can easily find them without having to travel far out of the way. When employers know a drug testing service is available nearby, they are more likely to ensure their employees do drug tests more often. In fact, study shows that brands with strict drug use policies and more random tests have a low rate of drug users. This way, employees testing positive will have to go for treatment. At the same time, those aware of the policies will avoid using drugs because of the threat of violating company policy which may lead to termination. Therefore, if your business falls under urgent care, offering drug test services can help make the community a better place.

Increased Business

As an urgent care chain operator, you know that the healthcare business is unpredictable. It's challenging to have a consistent flow of urgent and non-urgent medical needs in the community. As a result, these chains must provide various options and alternative revenue sources to ensure their business thrives. When urgent care centers offer drug test services, they open themselves for more business, keeping them busy even when their primary patients are not coming.

After all, a drug test isn't always one at a time. Instead, it's common for companies to test large groups simultaneously. For instance, when they employ many people in a short time. When employers do this, it can be a lucrative opportunity for chains offering drug testing. A drug test doesn't take much time, but it provides a quick and easy way of generating revenue and promoting the clinic in the community. When many people get a drug test at an urgent care facility, there are high chances that one or more will come back for additional services offered in that center.

Do Something You Like

Another benefit is that you'll get to do something you like. When you start offering drug testing in your facility, you get to put your energy into something that you actually like. So, you'll find yourself putting more effort and time into ensuring your business become successful. Furthermore, in this line of business, there is no dull moment. Why? Drug testing services allow you to meet interesting individuals from all walks of life. So, apart from making money, you'll be enjoying your work.

Continued Market Share

Is there a continued market share in the drug testing industry? The answer is yes. Although the slow economy has slowed almost all industries in the US, drug testing is good. Why? Since many employers have recognized that drug testing is critical to running a successful business. So, employers usually do drug testing on the employees more often. This means you will never lack clients or run out of business. In fact, drug testing services aren't going away; they are here to stay. Therefore, it's an excellent service to include in your argent care chain.

Enhances Swift Diversification

Historically, urgent care facilities relied on organic or incremental improvement to grow. However, according to a recent report, future growth can be enhanced when businesses focus on non-core areas of healthcare.

Technically, drug testing is a non-core segment of healthcare. Nevertheless, its repetitive and urgent nature gives it an advantage over other non-core components. Therefore, if you start offering drug testing services today, you have a chance to reap quick and earn repetitive revenue that could spill over to the future.

Furthermore, investors like diversification and putting their money where they see value and growth. And drug testing is one of the fields where there is value and recurring.

A Simple Business Model

Another benefit is that drug testing has a simple business model. Including drug test services in your argent care facility is very simple. All you need to do is know where to buy drug tests, set up a laboratory, and get certified by the necessary agency, and you are good to go. It has little overhead, and you can get testing materials at a reasonable price. In addition, you do not have to stress about hiring many people since you can provide training to some of your existing employees. It's just that simple.

Drug testing has a simple and easy-to-learn model. An individual doesn't need to have experience in this industry to include it in their clinic. Actually, you can add it to your services and end up running it within the shortest time. You only need the right information and little guidance, which is why it's very profitable.

It Helps You Get Solid Connections

When you start offering drug testing in your urgent care clinic, you'll have a vast network of contacts within the industry. You will have to work with law enforcement, rehabilitation centers, counseling providers, and other hospitals, just to name a few. This gives you many opportunities to build relationships with people in similar jobs who can offer you jobs when they have more than they can handle or if they close down their businesses. Also, you'll have an easier time marketing your services to this kind of business.

As a result, you get repeat customers since drug testing is necessary for many organizations and workplaces. Therefore, there is no worry about constantly searching for new work. In fact, many of your clients will come from referrals.

Daily Physical Activity

Drug testing services generally involve a much greater degree of movement compared to other lines of work. You or your employees will spend most of their days running errands for the service, walking, and doing many tasks. This may have a significant impact on their health and energy levels.

Rewarding Work

Offering drug testing services can be rewarding work. This is because you are solving an immediate issue for your clients while simultaneously working on something you like. Also, you have the freedom to decide the kind of projects you wish to work on and turn down the ones that don't interest you.

Bottom Line

Drug testing is a lucrative business for urgent care facilities willing to include it in their services. However, before offering the service, research and learn about everything related to this business, including CLIA, waived drug tests, and types of tests.

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