Workplace Drug Testing Policies

When drafting a drug testing policy for your organization, it is important to not only ensure you are covering all of your bases legally, but to also consider the underlying meaning of why a strong drug testing policy is important in the first place. While most policies are similar in content, each one should be carefully crafted to fit the specific needs of your organization and industry. Having a better understanding of why drug testing policies should be implemented will give insight on how to better construct a policy that is right for your organization.

They Provide a Safe Working Environment

It should go without saying, a drug-free workplace is a much safer environment than a workplace where drug use is a possibility. Employees who are potentially under the influence of foreign substances pose an immediate threat to those around them. Depending on which type of substance they are under the influence of, the consequences can vary quite drastically. Not only do the individuals on drugs pose a threat themselves, but there is also a higher chance of them attracting other “like-minded” individuals outside of your organization to your workplace.

Increased Productivity

Weeding out potential drug abusers during the hiring process has been proven to increase overall productivity in the workplace. With a strong drug testing policy in place, hiring managers can be rest assured that their employees will show up to work on time ready to go. Having employees with good, healthy habits outside of the workplace naturally leads to higher quality, efficiency and pride in working assignments. Drug-free workplaces also experience less employees calling out sick or taking unnecessary time off.

Better State of Health/Reduced Costs

If your organization provides health benefits to employees, having a drug free workplace will help decrease overall costs associated with these plans. Being drug-free leads to a better quality of life that requires fewer visits to the doctor. Not only does individual health quality increase, but there will also be a strong correlation to their families being healthier as well.

Secure and Protect Company Assets

Most organizations in today’s day and age have a substantial amount of capital invested into their assets that get the job done. Whether it be office computers and technology, heavy machinery, or even physical office space, these assets are at risk of damage or destruction when drug abuse is a possibility. Drug testing policies add an extra level of insurance to your most important assets (other than your actual employees, of course!).

Community Awareness

In addition to providing an internal sense of security and peace of mind, drug-free workplaces with strict policies will improve community relations. Having a community known for being drug-free starts increases overall comradery and quality of life for everyone involved. Implementing a drug testing policy is an easy way to contribute.

Help Those in Need

At the end of the day, drug use will never be eradicated completely. If you suspect that one of your employees has recently fallen into drug use, your policy can help get their life back on track. Without a policy, the sense of urgency to help your colleagues will be non-existent and they could pass the point of no return. In addition to screening potential new hires, it is important to have drug testing supplies on hand and conduct random screenings to ensure everyone is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only for the reasons listed above, but for the sake of their well-being. Testing policies can not only save jobs and careers, but also lives.

Need Help Constructing a Drug Testing Policy?

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